Recap: Min Bae and “E. W. Lane and the Medical Missionary”

Last week, EMMH had the pleasure of hearing from second-year University of St Andrews PhD student, Min Bae. Min spoke to us about “E. W. Lane and the Medical Missionary,” specifically, how Lane promoted the concept of hygienic medicine in nineteenth century Britain. Lane’s focus was not only on eliminating disease, but also on promoting health and hygienic education. Min described for us the hydropathic spas operated by Lane, such as Moor Park, and his emphasis on clinical observation and frequent contact between doctor and patient. Min also shared how Lane developed his “medical missionary” work through the publication of articles concerned with promoting the education of the poor in hygienic education alongside a general education. Lane believed this could be achieved by medical missionaries working to dispense such knowledge. In the end, Lane’s ideas were a bit more abstract than practical and he failed to provide plans for implementation. Thanks again, Min, for the fascinating paper!


If you’d like to hear Min’s presentation, you can find it in our paper audio archive. Stay tuned for future papers!

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