EMMH Organisers

Elena Romero-Passerin d’Entrèves

Elena received her masters from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. She is now a second year doctoral candidate in the school of history under the supervision of Dr Sarah Easterby-Smith. Her PhD, For the Promotion of Science and the Prosperity of the People, is a comparative study of the botanic gardens of Edinburgh, Florence, and Pisa in the late eighteenth century. It examines the nature of uses of botanic gardens in Europe at the time.

Christin Simons

Christin Simons is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Scottish Historical Research, under the supervision of Professor Steve Murdoch, analyzing the development of strategies enabling smaller companies to subsist on the trade within China and Europe by means on the Scandinavian Asiatic Companies (SAC), more precisely the Swedish- and the Danish East India Company in the period of the 1730´s to the 1820´s. Her major aim is to investigate in how far the perceptions as “smugglers”, “interlopers” but also as “diplomats” prove true and in how far this was used in evolving a strategy to survive in the China trade. In the term of 2016/17, Christin carried out research in Beijing, China as a recipient of the Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarship.

Konstantin Wertelecki

Konstantin Wertelecki is a doctoral candidate of Modern History at the Institute for Transnational and Spatial History under the supervision of Dr. Kate Ferris. His research analyses the British expatriate community of Florence between 1922 and 1943, specifically, the impact of relations between the British expatriate community and local Italians in Florence during the Fascist years. Konstantin received his Bachelors’s in History from Sping Hill College in the United States and his MPhil in Modern European History from the University of Cambridge. During Martinmas term, 2017, Konstantin carried out research at the European University Institute, Florence, as a guest researcher.