Past Papers

Check in here for audio of past papers presented at EMMH Postgraduate Forum!

Papers, 2016-2017 (Links to SoundCloud)

Min Bae, ‘E. W. Lane and the Medical Missionary’ (presented at EMMH, 3 October 2016)

Papers, 2015-2016 (Contact EMMH for audio files)

Kimberly Sherman, ‘Gone with the Tide: The Environmental Evolution of a Southern Rice Plantation’ (presented at EMMH, 9 November 2015)

Matt Ylitalo, ‘From Mars to the Ends of the Earth: Dundee and World, 1869-1915’ (presented at EMMH, 15 February 2016)

Jack Woods, ‘Religious life in the Łódź ghetto through the lens of Menachem Oppenheim’s Diary’ (presented at EMMH, 15 February 2016)

Austin Smith, ‘Mapping Memories of the Tokushima Air Raids’ (presented at EMMH, 11 April 2016) — Link to Austin’s Mapping Memories of the Tokushima air raids powerpoint

Paul Moorhouse, ‘The Wastes of Corn’ and the ‘Cursed Hill’: Representations of Salisbury Plain in Political and Economic Debates, 1790-1834 (presented at EMMH, 25 April 2016)

Hatem Alshaikh-Mubarak, ‘Development of spatial perceptions of British agents around the Persian Gulf 1850-1930’ (presented at EMMH, 25 April 2016)