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Wednesday, 17 October

‘The Architect of Victory: Lord Castlereagh and the Defeat of Napoleon’ ~ Toby White, M.Litt Candidate

           This paper examines Lord Castlereagh and his contribution to the defeat of Napoleon. The essay focuses on Castlereagh’s diplomacy between his appointment as the British Foreign Secretary in 1812 and the Allied victory at Waterloo in 1815. In contrast to the prevailing scholarship, this paper argues that Castlereagh’s meticulous planning for post-war Europe, his understanding of European politics, and his diplomatic moderation allowed him to assemble and nurture the Sixth and Seventh Coalitions that ultimately defeated Napoleon. Historians have tended either to overlook Castlereagh, arguing that he came onto the scene too late to impact the ongoing conflicts, or they have maligned him, taking inspiration from Romantic poets like Lord Byron to cast him as an “ogre to liberalism.” Many scholars have similarly chosen to focus more on military developments or political economy in describing the fall of Napoleon. Drawing from published primary sources and archival research, this paper seeks to assert the importance of Castlereagh, and, by extension, careful diplomacy.

Wednesday, 14 November 

‘Rethinking the ‘Sciences of State’: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Political and Scientific Thought in Europe’ ~ Adam Dunn, PhD Candidate

‘Rhetorics of Asylum in Germany, 1982-1998’ ~ Constantin Eckner, PhD Candidate

Wednesday, 12 December

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Wednesday, 13 February 

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Wednesday, 13 March

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Wednesday, 17 April

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Wednesday, 8 May

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