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Wednesday, 17 April

Jordan Brown, PhD Candidate

Our Fight is Your Fight: Reframing the Ulster Workers Council in an Era of Militant Trade Unionism and Social Activism’

This paper will discuss my PhD dissertation on the Ulster Workers Strike (UWC) of 1974, which aims to bring the strike into closer conversation with other British trade union activism, social movements and protests during the 1970s.  I will highlight the worker participation in the strike and the widespread solidarity from the public this form of direct action created across Northern Ireland.  This paper will have a sharp focus on the contributions of women during the strike and the creation of cross-class collations that emerged.  The scholarship on the UWC currently centres on the political history of the strike and this project aims to expose contributions from outside the political class.  This requires   an interdisciplinary approach in order to properly place the UWC strike in stronger conversation with other radical and militant protests in the United Kingdom during this period.  Ultimately, this presentation aims to demonstrate that the UWC strike was not just a moment of Northern Irish paramilitarism but a unique Irish social movement that encompassed loyalists, trade unionists, women and youth culture.

Wednesday, 8 May

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