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                                                        CANDELMAS TERM 2019


                                                   Wednesday, 20 November 2019

5:15 PM

St. Katharine’s Lodge, Room 1.10

                                               Panagiotis Georgakakis, PhD Candidate

 ‘Huguenot gazettes and propaganda during the Nine Years War, 1688-1697’

From 1672 until 1714 King Louis XIV had launched massive military campaigns against the majority of European states. At the same time, Huguenot gazettes published in the Dutch Republic were thriving as they presented the news from the fronts. My research investigates the Huguenot gazettes of that period, comparing their structure and form as well as the tone in which they presented the news. My argument is that every Huguenot newspaper in the Dutch Republic was aimed at different audiences and had different political, military or religious purposes. An important role in the above investigations is played by the presentation and the style of reporting of these gazettes, as well as their policy towards the Gazette de Paris.

In this presentation I will try to enlighten the attitude of the three major French-language gazettes published in the Dutch Republic during the two last years of the Nine Years War. I will present reports from the Gazette d’ Amsterdam, the Gazette de Rotterdam and the Gazette de Leyde. I will show that even though those gazettes had Huguenot refugees as editors or publishers, their attitude was not always hostile against France and I will try to explain the reasons why this attitude varied.