Who We Are

The Early Modern and Modern History (EMMH) Postgraduate Forum  is a biweekly event that provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for postgraduate students to present their research, receive feedback, and generate discussion and explore ideas with their peers. Seminars are free to attend and open to all.


Kimberly Sherman

Kimberly is a PhD candidate in Modern History, working with Dr Emma Hart on her thesis, ‘The Atlantic Networks of Scottish Emigrants in North Carolina’. She is exploring the intimate and business networks of Scots in North Carolina during the eighteenth century and how they shaped the Atlantic orientation of the colony. By examining family, friendship, and business connections, she hopes to ascertain to what degree they influenced the choice to emigrate and the construction of identity. (ks222@st-andrews.ac.uk)


Richard Daglish

Richard is a PhD candidate in Modern History, working with Dr Stephen Tyre on his thesis, ‘Decolonising White Africa: Examining the Experiences of Algerians and Kenyans’. By extending the scope of his study by incorporating an Anglo-Franco comparison, Richard hopes to make use of extensive oral history studies that he will conduct himself, as well as new emerging materials thanks to increased digitisation of primary sources, to challenge previously partisan work and produce a more detailed history of white Africans during the second half of the twentieth century. Ultimately, he hopes to discern how those white Africans that remained in former colonial states came to perceive themselves, how shared memory and cultural identity were shaped in the decades following decolonisation, and to what extent political rhetoric from the metropole influenced African politics. (rsd3@st-andrews.ac.uk)