Events of Interest to EMMH Postgrads

Here are a few upcoming events that might be of interest to our EMMH postgrads:

‘Cultural Markets’ reading group with Professor Donald Sassoon, University of St Andrews, 26 October 2016

All modern history PhD students are invited to come along to a one-off reading group/seminar discussion that Professor Donald Sassoon has very kindly agreed to give whilst he is visiting St Andrews (for his formal talk to the Modern History seminar) later this month. As you will no doubt know, Professor Sassoon is a highly respected historian, now emeritus professor of comparative European history at Queen Mary, University of London, and author of many very influential works of history including ‘One Hundred Years of Socialism’ and ‘The Culture of the Europeans’. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your and his ideas in a relatively informal setting.

The event will take place on Wednesday 26 October at 5pm in room 1.10 of St Katherine’s Lodge. (Please note that you’ll need to arrive a little before 5, given that the janitors close the building at 5pm, in order to avoid being stranded outside….). It will be on the theme of ‘cultural markets’ and as preparation, Prof Sassoon has asked that participants read the introduction and conclusion to his book, ‘The Culture of the Europeans: from 1800 to the present’ (London: Harper Press, 2006). There are multiple copies of the book in the library.

Please confirm attendance to Kate Ferris (

SASA Workshop on ‘Negotiating Academic Careers’, University of Edinburgh, 4 February 2017


What’s on: 17 October 2016


Our next EMMH forum session, “How to do a PhD”: What we’ve learned along the way’will be held on 17 October 2016. This time, we’ve lined up a roundtable of current PhD students to talk about their perspectives of doing the PhD. We’ll have voices from all stages, ready to share their tips for getting the thesis done and being active in academic life. This session is geared towards any PhD student at any stage of their project, as well as current MLitts who would like to hear more about doing a PhD. Roundtable discussion will be followed by Q&A, so bring your questions and your own stories to share!

Join us from 5.00pm in St Katherine’s Lodge Room 1.10 for discussion. Refreshments will be provided, followed by a trip to the Brew Co. to continue discussion.

Recap: Min Bae and “E. W. Lane and the Medical Missionary”

Last week, EMMH had the pleasure of hearing from second-year University of St Andrews PhD student, Min Bae. Min spoke to us about “E. W. Lane and the Medical Missionary,” specifically, how Lane promoted the concept of hygienic medicine in nineteenth century Britain. Lane’s focus was not only on eliminating disease, but also on promoting health and hygienic education. Min described for us the hydropathic spas operated by Lane, such as Moor Park, and his emphasis on clinical observation and frequent contact between doctor and patient. Min also shared how Lane developed his “medical missionary” work through the publication of articles concerned with promoting the education of the poor in hygienic education alongside a general education. Lane believed this could be achieved by medical missionaries working to dispense such knowledge. In the end, Lane’s ideas were a bit more abstract than practical and he failed to provide plans for implementation. Thanks again, Min, for the fascinating paper!


If you’d like to hear Min’s presentation, you can find it in our paper audio archive. Stay tuned for future papers!