EMMH Organisers

Fiona Banham

Fiona is a PhD candidate in Modern History, under the supervision of Prof Riccardo Bavaj and Dr John Clark. Her historiographical research focuses on tracing the history of ‘spatial history’, from the mid-twentieth century to the present, and exploring the interdisciplinary relationship between History and Geography. Fiona completed her MA in Geography and Modern History in 2019, followed by an MLitt in Environmental History in 2020 (both at St Andrews). Despite the broad geographical scope of her thesis, she is particularly passionate about twentieth-century German history.


Guan Kiong Teh (GK)

GK is a PhD candidate with the Institute of Iranian Studies, supervised by Dr Siavush Randjbar-Daemi and Professor Ali Ansari. His research focuses on Anglo-American assistance to the Iranian automotive industry during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah (1941-79) and the first decade of the Islamic Republic (1979-88), with the broader aim of developing a definition of ‘soft power’ that is more relevant to the historical method. GK also takes an interest in the history of immigration to Britain, America and continental Europe, with his undergraduate thesis written on the migration of Chinese communities to postwar Newcastle, Manchester and the surrounding North-East and North-West England.